Discover new opportunities with SOVA’s Verizon Mobility Programs. Sell One Talk, Digital Signage, and IoT.

To better serve your customers you need strong wireless connectivity. Verizon mobility services and solutions are backed by the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network with LTE Advanced, so you can make the most out of a hyper-connected, always-on world. Traditional notions of “the office” are changing as innovative devices, applications, services and technologies drive a shift toward mobile-first business. Mobility can improve collaboration and problem solving to boost productivity.

SOVA’s Verizon Mobility Program includes…

Verizon One Talk

Verizon’s One Talk Solution combines desktop phones and smartphones into one seamless system, connecting businesses to their customers, employees, and vendors. Learn about One Talk services that help power the digital workforce.

Verizon Digitial Signage

Create a targeted experience that keeps customers interested. With Verizon Digital Signage solution, customers get a 4G LTE media player that leverages Verizon’s 4G LTE network for a simple but effective way to deliver engaging and timely content to digital signs. Learn more about SOVA’s Digital Signage solutions including equipment, installation, content development, and management.

Verizon IoT

Verizon is leading the way in delivering LTE-based, IoT solutions. IoT is at the core of digital transformation in the enterprise. It’s changing the playing field for organizations in every sector—helping them increase operational efficiency and grow their businesses. IoT platforms are providing a single environment for developing and managing applications. Learn more about how organizations can improve business results as their smart devices communicate.

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