Telecom Platinum Master Agent SOVA Inc. and BlackWire Consulting Announce Strategic Alliance for Industry-Leading Telecom Solutions

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Verizon Platinum Master Agent SOVA and BlackWire Consulting just announced they have formed strategic alliance BlackwireSOVA to provide industry-leading telecom solutions.

Verizon Platinum Master Agent SOVA and BlackWire Consulting just announced they have formed strategic alliance BlackwireSOVA to provide BlackWire Consulting’s MSPs, VARS, IT consultants, and agents with the widest selection of Verizon services. SOVA will deliver expedited quoting and ordering, executive level escalations, field sales support, and platinum level commissions—all supported by a highly experienced 25-person back office staff.

SOVA President Gene Esopi said, “We are very pleased, but not surprised, that a company with BlackWire Consulting’s fine reputation in the telecom industry would want to work exclusively with SOVA and Verizon.”

BlackWire Consulting has been operating a robust telecom solutions business since 2010 and wanted to move the organization to the next level by focusing on a highly valuable niche.

BlackWire Consulting CFO Michael Bongart explained, “We were conducting research on different partners inside of the Verizon organization. We talked to a number of different companies and were really impressed with Gene and Mary. It boiled down to credibility. They did everything they said they were going to do and literally went the extra mile. We loved that they wanted to drive in from out of state to meet us face to face. That’s the way we do business too. We like to know who we are dealing with.”

That similar business philosophy includes the deliberate decision by both companies to focus on a single carrier. “We decided we wanted to be experts on the biggest and best,” Bongart said. “We will live and die by that.”

Esopi agreed. “Years ago we chose to have a deeper and broader knowledge of a select number of carriers rather than be all things to all people. Verizon was a natural choice for us since they have the best reputation in the business community and public sector and also because we are both headquartered in the Northeast.”

Bongart and BlackWire Consulting CEO Salvatore Orefiche chose SOVA primarily because of the company’s outstanding back office support and secondarily because of its higher than average compensation level.

“We also appreciated their expertise and the ability to work through all of Verizon’s service offerings with one point of contact,” Orefiche said. “They are exceedingly well connected inside of Verizon itself all the way up to the top. And they have staying power; they’ve been in this fast-paced business 25 years. To me this proves that they can weather the storms and thrive.”

SOVA works with MSPs, VARs, call centers and agent organizations of all sizes. Some partner with multiple telecom master agents and others work exclusively with SOVA. Bongart recommends the latter. “In the business world it doesn’t get any better than dealing exclusively with them,” he said. “They are large enough to professionally handle very large deals and small enough to provide amazingly personal service. For us, SOVA acts as a true partner.”

BlackwireSOVA, a strategic partnership with a deep telecommunications foundation, includes two long-standing successful companies whose mission is to provide cost-effective Verizon telecom solutions. Offices are staffed with more than 25 highly skilled professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in the technology industry. BlackwireSOVA has offices in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and Colorado. To contact BlackwireSOVA fill out the request form at or call 862-229-9067. To learn more about BlackwireSOVA visit


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