Supply Chain Management / 3PL

Why Choose Our SCM Services?

Struggling to secure reliable hardware or manage software licenses? Facing integration headaches, budget gaps, or late deliveries? Our expert SCM services tackle these pain points head-on. We craft custom solutions to ensure seamless integration, optimize costs, and guarantee timely delivery – every time.

End-to-End Solutions

From procurement to distribution, we’ve got you covered. Our integrated services ensure that every link in your supply chain is optimized for performance.


Our flexible solutions adapt to your growing needs.


Our expertise allows us to negotiate the best deals, ensuring you get top-quality hardware and licenses at competitive prices.

Risk Mitigation

We prioritize security and compliance, ensuring that all hardware and licenses meet industry standards and regulations.

Our Service Offerings:

Hardware Procurement

Partnering with top-tier manufacturers, we provide a wide range of hardware solutions tailored to your specifications.


Hardware and network component assembly pre-configured to your specifications. SOVA  will build a solution for your employees on any device with the software and apps they need.

Software Licensing

Our experts help you select the right licenses, negotiate terms, and manage renewals, ensuring compliance and cost-effectiveness.

Inventory Management

Our advanced inventory management solutions provide real-time visibility, enabling efficient stock control and replenishment.

Logistics & Distribution

Timely delivery is crucial. Our logistics network ensures that hardware and licenses reach businesses anywhere in the world.

Staff Augmentation

Rather than pulling IT resources away from other essential projects to manage deployment, we will put together a comprehensive plan utilizing our advanced tools and processes — to save time and cost.