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SOVA is your trusted Business Agent for Verizon solutions.

To bring the digital world to life for your customers, you’ll need the right partners to collaborate with and deliver the solutions that matter most. SOVA and Verizon can help you do it all – through the SOVA partner program, exclusive to Verizon.

SOVA’s relationship with Verizon spans more than 30 years, so we’re confident when we say “We know Verizon”.

The Right Program for You.

Whether you’re a sub-agent looking to offer Verizon wireline and wireless solutions, or a VAR looking to provide a complete mobility and IoT customer solution, SOVA has the right program for you through our agreements with Verizon.

Verizon Solutions through the Partner Program

The Verizon Network

Delivers the performance that businesses need to succeed.

Verizon’s award winning network provides your customers with:

  • Superior coverage: From 4G LTE to 5G Ultra Wideband, our coverage reaches nearly everywhere across the country—and beyond.
  • 5G innovation: With Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband, you get ultra-low lag to power innovation like never before.1
  • Trusted security: Managing over 500,000 security networks and hosting devices gives us valuable insights into the digital landscape.
  • Performance: Verizon is the most awarded 5G Network in America by RootMetrics.2
  • Massive capacity: Verizon obsesses over the details, analyzing millions of gigabytes of data every day.
  • Easy integration: Verizon has certified 900+ machine­-to-machine (M2M) chipsets, modules and devices.

1 Lag dependent upon 5G spectrum used.

2 Most reliable 5G network based on more first place rankings in RootMetrics®’ 5G data reliability assessments of 125 metro markets conducted in 1H 2023. Tested with best commercially available smartphones on three national mobile networks across all available network types. Your experiences may vary.

Verizon Business Internet

Built on the network America relies on.

LTE Business Internet: Simple, reliable connectivity.

LTE Business Internet combines compatible wireless routers with award-winning connectivity on our Verizon 4G LTE network, providing organizations with fast, flexible, reliable internet service.

The service works right out of the box with a simple, quick installation and easy instructions. Customers can choose from multiple speed tiers on an unlimited data plan to suit their business needs.

When your customers choose LTE Business Internet, they get:


  • Business continuity with primary and backup connections
  • Internet connectivity running on the network America relies on
  • A business-ready Ethernet and Wi-Fi–enabled router


  • Ready-to-go deployment with plug-and-play installation
  • Pricing plan options based on unlimited data plans with three different speeds
  • More data available on demand, as your business requires


  • The option to keep critical data on a different network
  • A choice of speed tiers on an unlimited data plan
  • You might be able to replace the router, while keeping the devices you use today

5G Business Internet: Built right for business.

Verizon 5G Business Internet delivers reliable and ultra-fast internet connectivity to businesses of all sizes.

  • Reliable and fast. Built on Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network, 5G BI unlocks the door to transformative 5G uses with performance and reliability. In the RootMetrics® State of 5G in the U.S. report, Verizon provides customers with the Most Reliable 5G Network in the U.S. for the third consecutive test period.1
  • Hassle free. It’s ultra simple—customers can self-install or leverage Verizon’s value-added reseller (VAR) community for fee-based installation. Customers can lock into a guaranteed price for 10 years.2
  • Innovation ready. Networks can be configured to take advantage of 5G speeds, reducing jitter for video streaming and next-gen use cases like AR and VR.

1 Most reliable 5G network based on more first place rankings in RootMetrics®’ 5G data reliability assessments of 125 metro markets conducted in 1H 2023. Tested with best commercially available smartphones on three national mobile networks across all available network types. Your experiences may vary.

2 10 Year Price Guarantee offer for new 5G Business internet customers in select areas only. Guarantee applies to the base Internet monthly access fee, excluding applicable taxes, fees and equipment charges. Customers must be in good standing and retain 5G Business internet at the current service address; any customer-initiated change to the service or service plan cancels the price guarantee. Changes or disruptions to 5G Business internet service to your location outside of Verizon’s control will cancel the price guarantee. Terms apply.

Verizon State and Local Government Solutions

Transform organizations to better serve your communities and residents.

Verizon can help the government meet the pressing demands of its citizens. Our solutions for remote work, communications, network modernization and smart communities can help boost the government’s ability to deliver services that residents need, and create positive outcomes for employees and residents.

Here are some of the ways:

  • Accelerate digital citizen engagement and self-service: Transform and modernize legacy technologies to help improve security, collaboration and productivity.
  • Workplace digital strategy: Redefine the employee experience with cloud-based transformations.
  • Engage and retain Public Sector employees: Attracting and retaining top talent requires a multi-pronged strategy by agencies.

Learn more about how Verizon solutions can help state and local governments. Contact SOVA today.

Verizon One Talk

Make every call count.

Whether in the office or on the go, employees can make every call count with One Talk. With One Talk’s 50+ business phone features, employees can easily call and collaborate—wherever work takes them.

Here are some benefits that make One Talk a winning solution for businesses across multiple industries:

  • Combine smartphones, desk phones, mobile and desktop apps into one system.
  • Use one business number across compatible devices.
  • Take advantage of the One Talk 4G LTE Desk Phone, the first advanced desk phone with embedded 4G LTE cellular technology that frees up internet bandwidth. It offers superior call and audio quality and is easy to set up and configure.
  • Use the Mobile App for a seamless user experience.
  • Manage services and devices via an easily accessible portal.

Make One Talk is part of your portfolio of solutions!

Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams

Enabling anywhere access to Teams capabilities

Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams delivers a mobile-first Teams experience that empowers your evolving workforce to work from anywhere. Now your employees can access Teams features using their Verizon Wireless business provided mobile device and number as their Teams number.

And because Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams is integrated into their smartphone’s native dialer, users can seamlessly “uplift” mobile calls to Teams and elevate their Teams experience to a true mobile UC solution more powerful than the standalone Teams app.

Benefits include:

  • Creates a unified business communication experience. Enables an inclusive workplace for mobile, remote, hybrid and office workers by providing a reliable communication solution that works securely from their smartphone’s native dialer or the Teams app on any device.
  • Helps reduce costs and eliminate redundancies. Consolidate mobile and remote workers onto a single, mobile number helping to eliminate redundancies and drive out costs from multiple phone numbers, devices and duplicate system.
  • Delivers a business-grade mobile communications solution. Equip your users with enterprise-grade connectivity, resiliency and network quality, delivered by a trusted partner.
  • Helps ensure security, privacy and compliance. Enables organizations to extend enterprise-grade business policies, such as recording and retention of voice calls on native mobile devices. Calls from users’ devices can also be configured to appear as though they’re coming from the organization to avoid exposing users’ mobile numbers externally.

Verizon IP Integrated Access

Powerful features designed for how you work today.

IP Integrated Access is designed for small- to medium-size business customers that simply need converged voice and data access. This service works with existing Key or PBX systems, thereby eliminating the need to heavily invest in extra equipment.

With IP Integrated Access, there is no need for equipment changeover or disruption to services. Customers will not need to retrain employees on any of the calling features or functions, and implementation is transparent to the end-user.

Benefits include:

  • Support for in-country telephony services: As a true PublicSwitched Telephone Network (PSTN) replacement while also offering multi-site, multi-country centralized or decentralized designs
  • Auto-dialer support
  • Strong business continuity features and more

Verizon IP Contact Center

Connect with your customers.

Verizon IP Contact Center (IPCC) Services is a  portfolio of interaction services that includes VoIP Inbound and IP Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Our network-based portfolio includes VoIP conversion for reliable termination to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) devices. With IPCC, you gain the benefits of automatic technology upgrades, a fully managed hosted service and secure connectivity on one of the world’s largest IP backbones.

Benefits include:

  • Cost Savings: Provides cost savings and leverages Intelligent Routing and network IVR functionality and carrier-grade service benefits of traditional Toll Free network.
  • Carrier-grade IP infrastructure: Provides high-capacity, native-IP IVR functionality that extends the benefits of IP CPE deployments without added protocol conversions.
  • IPCC Network Service Level Agreement: Provides motivation to deliver the highest standards of service performance and a framework to process potential service claims
  • Network Manager (TFNM) Customer Control: Provides near real-time customer control over Toll Free and Local Numbers and hybrid (TDM and IP) customer Contact Center locations
  • IP Intelligent Call Routing Integration: Provides a customer real-time capability to control network based IPIVR resources to manage the treatment, routing and queuing of their calls, before, during or after they are handled by their Contact Center Agents.

Verizon Virtual Contact Center

Deliver world-class customer experiences.

Virtual Contact Center is a cloud-based omnichannel contact center offering. Fully managed within application hosting facilities, Virtual Contact Center provides companies with a comprehensive library of customer support capabilities without requiring a costly investment in software, hardware and support personnel.

With Virtual Contact Center, customers can offer better customer service through a variety of voice and digital contact options including self-service and route customers more efficiently with intelligent contact routing tools. From hiring staff, training agents, staffing your contact center, and handling interactions – Virtual Contact Center provides contact centers with the tools required to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Because Virtual Contact Center is a complete in-network solution, a company’s customer service agents only require a PC, Internet Connection, and a telephone to get started. Backed by strict Service Level Agreements, your customers can have confidence in their contact center technology regardless of the geographical or physical locations of their agents.

Benefits include:

  • Single source solution: Scale and grow capacity effortlessly with the peace of mind that Verizon is maintaining the end-to-end solution.
  • Smart routing: Turn your contact center into an experience center by routing interactions based on analytics, and proactive customer outreach based on journey predictions.
  • Keep the customer first: Route interactions to agents with the skills to give each customer the best answer.
  • Global support: for agents and interactions around the world, including U.S., EMEA and APAC.
  • Uptime: Enjoy the benefits of a high availability and proactive management to help mitigate the risk of impacting events.
  • Secure: Drive data protection both in flight and at rest with critical security controls at the network, database and procedural layers.
  • Omnichannel: Support for voice, email, chat, SMS, mobile, web and social media.

Verizon Virtual Network Services 

Boost your business agility with the fast, on-demand delivery speed of virtual networks.

Verizon’s Virtual Network Services (VNS) uses software-driven network functions virtualization (NFV) to help remove that complexity by enabling you to spin up new services and capabilities on demand in a plug-and-play manner.

Virtual Network Services – Routing

Virtual Network Services enables customers to replace many traditional appliance-based network services with Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), providing significant reduction in total cost of ownership and time to market. The solution uses a pre-defined catalog of virtual functions and easy-to-deploy universal customer premises equipment that can support multiple network functions. Customers can select from different sizing models, service levels, and management options depending on the network requirements.

Virtual Network Services – SBCaaS (Session Border Controller as a Service)

With SBCaaS, customers can more easily deliver SIP Trunking and VoIP-based unified communications to a dynamic user base. Rather than deploy SBCaaS on dedicated, premises-based hardware via existing MPLS Circuits, VNS – SBCaaS deploys fully-managed SBC solution software via Hosted Network Services. VNS: SBCaaS, as part of Verizon’s integrated portfolio, enables our customers to enhance and expedite delivery of unified, Real Time Communications (RTC) to connect people, places, and things globally while focusing on their core imperatives.

Top Features:

  • Faster service availability and reduced cost by eliminating the need for secondary circuit deployment on premise.
  • Predictable monthly-recurring cost model with flexible licensing options.
  • Low touch provisioning with enterprise orchestration enabling automated SBCaaS delivery.
  • Improved security and resilience of IP Voice Communications, UC, and Contact Center service delivery.
  • Centralized management and reporting with Verizon Enterprise Center tools to assist in pro-active Session Border Control management rather than in reaction to malicious threats or demands on capacity.

Virtual Network Services – SD WAN

Virtual Network Services (VNS) enables enterprise customers to replace many traditional appliance-based network services with Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) providing significant reduction in total cost of ownership and time to market. The solution uses a pre-defined catalog of virtual functions and easy-to-deploy universal customer premises equipment that can support multiple network functions. Customers can select from different sizing models, service levels, and management options depending on the network requirements.

The available features offered vary by technology provider, and typically include intelligent and programmable, rules-based WAN routing services, centralized management, and integration through application programming interfaces (APIs) that provide customers with a more agile network, enabling them to respond more quickly to changing business requirements than traditional WAN services. VNS – SD WAN also includes Verizon Enterprise Orchestration, an integrated platform for streamlined service delivery and policy change management.

Deployment options include:

  • Premises based Verizon uCPE (aka Verizon “Whitebox”)
  • Verizon Hosted Network Services
  • Public Cloud hosted vCPE (only available with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure)

Virtual Network Services – Security

VNS: Security can protect Private IP (MPLS), Internet network circuits, or wireless provided by Verizon or any other carrier. The solution secures enterprise networks against Internet-based threats such as malware, denial of service attacks, data leak prevention, data theft, ransomware, etc. All of the security products offered have built-in essential functionality.

The services offered vary by vendor and feature set selected by the Customer and may have virtual security functions including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Firewall Services
  • Intrusion Detection Services (IDS)
  • Intrusion Prevention Services (IPS)
  • Threat Prevention
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection
  • Antispam and anti-malware
  • URL Filtering

Virtual Network Services – Software Defined Secure Branch

Software Defined Secure Branch enables enterprise customers to replace many traditional appliance-based network services with Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) providing significant reduction in total cost of ownership and time to market. The solution uses a pre-defined catalog of virtual functions and easy-to-deploy universal customer premises equipment that can support multiple network functions. Customers can select from different sizing models, service levels, and management options depending on the network requirements. High Availability options are also offered

Verizon Security

DDoS Shield

Mitigate the effects of unexpected and unpredictable DDoS attacks.

DDoS Shield is a highly scalable, cloud-based DDoS protection platform that can detect and mitigate large attack volumes. DDoS Shield can stop attacks before they reach a customer’s network, applications, or cloud-hosted assets. The service monitors inbound traffic 24×7, creating alerts based on traffic anomalies that could indicate a DDoS attack.

Benefits include:

  • Highly scalable: Defends against even the largest recorded DDoS traffic volumes
  • 24×7 support: Security Operations Center (SOC) DDoS experts available via phone or email
  • Flexible terms: Meet business needs with flat monthly fees and add-on services
  • Carrier-agnostic: Protect all customer traffic, regardless of carrier or ISP

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Assessment

Protect your customers—and your reputation.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was designed to help protect payment data from the point of purchase and beyond. With a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Assessment from Verizon, a business can assess, manage, and implement a PCI DSS plan to help maintain PCI compliance and secure information. Verizon  can also help you understand the new PCI DSS 4.0 requirements and the steps businesses should take to get ready. Verizon has one of the largest, most experienced PCI assessment teams in the world who have conducted hundreds of security assessments around the globe.

Benefits include:

  • Expertise: Tap into our thought leadership on PCI compliance
  • Coverage: Get access to more than 100 PCI compliance assessors from around the world
  • Programs: Identify critical gaps and how to solve them through proven methods
  • Confidence: Cultivate long-standing relationships with payment card brands

Managed Detection and Response

Elevate incident discovery and containment.

Verizon Managed Detection and Response (MDR) combines people, process and technology to identify and contain advanced cyber attacks, offering 24×7 protection in a rapidly deployed and completely cloud-managed model.

MDR leverages advanced technologies combined with human expertise to collect and maintain actionable intelligence, identify and alert on major security incidents, and then quickly respond to those that are a potential problem for the organization.

Benefits include:

  • Continuous tuning: Our service constantly adapts and responds to your needs.
  • Reduced efforts: Benefit from a fully cloud-based technology stack and managed service approach.
  • Evolve and adapt protection: As threats change, our threat intelligence and  24/7 security expert support helps to keep you protected.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Grow and manage your security program with flexible service and license options.

Security Program Assessment

Discover your security gaps, program maturity and ways to reduce risk.

The Security Program Assessment (SPA) is a point-in-time assessment that addresses how well an organization is meeting their security requirements compared to a specific regulation or industry framework. The SPA provides a tangible and repeatable measure of the customer’s security program and promotes the desired future state of control maturity.

Benefits include:

  • Variety of standards: Select any common standard for evaluation, such as NIST CSF, NIST 800-53, ISO 27002, or  HIPAA/HITECH
  • Non-invasive: Assessment does not require in-depth access to systems or disruption of business processes
  • Objective and repeatable: Supports security and compliance audits, evaluation of remediation activities
  • Relevant across industries: Applicable to regulated and unregulated industries, companies of all sizes

Penetration Testing

Change your security posture from reactive to proactive.

Verizon’s penetration testing service uses vulnerability scanning tools and expert tactics to probe a customer’s environment for vulnerabilities and measure the danger those weaknesses may cause, so they can prepare before an attack occurs. Verizon also brings the global visibility and experience of our network along with a team of experts that others do not have to help your customers assess the risk and provide recommendations for strengthening their security posture.

Benefits include:

  • Experience: Partner with a global company that has more than 12 years of penetration testing experience.
  • Certified: Work with in-country consultant teams that hold 40+ industry and vendor certifications.
  • Flexible: Match your budget and needs with flat rate and custom service plans.
  • Detailed: Get testing that includes post-exploit actions such as privilege escalation and pivoting.

Verizon Internet Dedicated

Reliable, lightning fast and backed by stringent SLAs

With one of the world’s most connected IP networks, Verizon has the dedicated internet access that businesses and organizations need to reach their performance goals. With Verizon Internet Dedicated, they can count on fast, simple, secure and reliable connectivity.

Internet Dedicated – Ethernet (IDE) leverages Verizon’s Ethernet Access (EA) network to deliver Ethernet access from the customer’s location to our global Internet network at speeds ranging from 1 Mbps – 100 Gbps.

Benefits Include:


  • Dedicated, low-latency internet bandwidth with options up to 100 Gbps
  • Strong SLA backs the performance of our high-capacity network, which is trusted around the globe by customers, partners and network providers
  • Flexible bandwidth and service options to meet the growing performance demands of applications, users and customers

Trusted and reliable:

  • Award-winning Tier-1 global internet backbone engineered to elevate innovation and availability
  • Scalable protection against threats and attacks through network intelligence and embedded security
  • 24/7 global monitoring with 100% guaranteed network availability

Easy to use:

  • Intuitive self-service portal that enables control of your network parameters for high performance
  • Direct connectivity to cloud service providers and data centers with options to integrate applications
  • Automated traffic reporting and proactive notification of service disruptions and circuit outages

Flexible and resilient:

  • Adaptable, dedicated bandwidth with enhanced redundancy when combined with optional wireless connectivity
  • Price plans, including burstable options, to help maximize cost predictability across your network
  • Scheduled and near real-time bandwidth adjustments to meet changing business requirements

Verizon Private IP

Power cutting-edge solutions with a foundational network and wireless connectivity.

Verizon’s Private IP delivers superior performance for dynamic applications and is a critical foundation for high-performing hybrid networks using SD WAN.

Secure and reliable

Traffic runs over a network-based VPN that is separate from the public Internet to help mitigate the risk of cyberattacks.

  • Reliable, high-performing connectivity backed by 24-hour customer service
  • Advanced reporting capabilities and competitive Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Varying classes of service

Multiple routing protocols guide network traffic along the best routes with six classes of service.

  • Prioritize low latency, low jitter and high availability, depending on need
  • Consolidate data, voice and video services through a single connection to help control costs

Cloud-ready and scalable

Quickly connect multiple locations and configurations within your local or global VPN to new or existing cloud ecosystems.

  • Available with private, pre-provisioned bandwidth on-demand
  • Consumption-based and fixed-cost access to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) globally
  • Same-day activation with over 200 CSPs


Multiple levels of control are available to meet your needs, from simple monitoring and notification, to professional services and fully outsourced network management.

  • Automated dynamic bandwidth allows for near real-time and scheduled changes
  • Support multiple services and oversubscription on select Ethernet access circuits