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VoIP Calls to Verizon Wireless Are Now On-Net

The new Wireless Connected VoIP feature gives customers another opportunity to increase cost-savings with Verizon.

IP Trunking, IP Integrated Access, and Business Connection customers on Verizon’s Rapid Delivery can now benefit from on-net calls to any Verizon wireless device with the new optional Wireless Connected VoIP feature that:

  • Allows our VoIP customers to call any Verizon Wireless device and not be charged long distance fees
  • Provides another opportunity for customers to increase cost-savings when they migrate to Verizon’s VoIP

Wireless Connected VoIP gives you an advantage when competing with Tier 2 competitors like Windstream, XO, and others without a wireless network.  This feature is available at no cost, enabling you to reinforce the value of doing business with Verizon.

In addition, customers are able to see the savings by viewing Verizon’s state of the industry VoIP reports, easily accessible through the Verizon Enterprise Center (VEC).

To learn more about this feature, email and also view the following Customer facing resources:

Infographic – Control the Cost of Calling Mobile Phones

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Stay tuned for Part 2 of our VoIP series: It’s More Than Just Call Paths


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