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How Secure is your Organization?

How Secure is your Organization? 150 150 Sova, Inc.

Data security should matter to you, no matter what your role in your organization. Why? Because when you suffer a breach of any kind — whether it’s an attacker skimming customer credit card details, or an employee accidentally leaving a USB key full of blueprints in a taxi — the impact is company-wide.

The universe of threats may seem limitless, but 92% of the 100,000 incidents we’ve analyzed from the last 10 years can be described by just nine basic patterns.


The Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR) for 2014 has been publicly released. Please see below for full report and share within your company. This is the standard by which many security companies are measured and our successful growth over the years within the security space has been exponential so if you have interested customers please let me know and we can engage one of our security experts. The link below can be shared and includes a brief video as well as access to the upcoming DBIR webinars for you, your customers and partners to join. Good selling.

Click here to access the full report.

SOVA is Verizon Platinum!

SOVA is Verizon Platinum! 150 150 Sova, Inc.

SOVA, Inc. Earns Verizon Partner Program Platinum Level

SOVA offers Verizon Voice and Data Services, Managed Internet, Mobility, Cloud, Network, VoIP and Ethernet solutions to agents and their business customers nationwide.

Plains, PA – March 31, 2014 – SOVA, Inc., a master agent of telecommunications and data management services, has earned Platinum member status in the Verizon Partner Program. Platinum level is acheived through sustained sales volumes and SOVA’s sales team receives the best structured performance incentives.

“It’s a very exciting time for our Agent Program,” said Gene Esopi, president, SOVA, Inc. “Higher commissions, faster implementation times, and access to Verizon’s extensive suite of services have all contributed to our success.”

SOVA has been a partner with Verizon since the program’s inception. SOVA agents have access to Verizon’s world class portfolio of solutions, including Voice and Data, Network, Cloud, Wireless, Managed Internet, VoIP, and Global Services. Utilizing Verizon’s new ‘Rapid Delivery’ platform, SOVA can provide agents and their customers with reduced quoting, contracting and order implementation intervals, higher promotional incentives and discounts, and straight-forward, prompt commission payments.

Verizon Partner Program tailors regional and national opportunities for systems integrators, value added resellers, agents and solutions providers to accelerate delivery and adoption of solutions for meeting medium business requirements. In addition, the program features a simple, tiered benefits structure that allows partners the flexibility to determine levels of commitment, and also includes simple-to-use tools and clear and consistent engagement processes.

Verizon also provides extensive training and certification curriculum for its products and solutions. Partners can tap into a wealth of marketing resources and support from co-marketing materials to market development funds and joint event participation depending on member level.

Verizon Enterprise Solutions creates global connections that generate growth, drive business innovation and move society forward. With industry-specific solutions and a full range of global wholesale offerings provided over the company’s secure mobility, cloud, strategic networking and advanced communications platforms, Verizon Enterprise Solutions helps open new opportunities around the world for innovation, investment and business transformation.

About SOVA, Inc.

For over 21 years, SOVA has been simplifying the sale, implementation and management of telecom services for agents and their business customers nationwide. SOVA offers customized Verizon partner programs for Telecom Agents, VARS and Telesales organizations and offers customer solutions in every product category including PIP (MPLS), Ethernet, FiOS, VoIP and Local Services. Click here to learn more about SOVA and their agent program.

Meet SOVA in Vegas and California!

Meet SOVA in Vegas and California! 150 150 Sova, Inc.

February and March have us traveling to some of the top events in the Industry, and we would love for you to join us! These events are the perfect opportunity to learn what’s news in the Industry and what’s new in our Agent Program.

Meet us for the first time, or get reacquainted.

Schedule your appointment to talk with us at any of the following events:
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The Channel Partners Conference & Expo

February 26 – 28, 2014
The Venetian & Sands Expo, Las Vegas, NV[/one_half]

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XChange Solution Provider 2014

March 2 – 4, 2014
Hyatt Century Plaza, Los Angeles, CA[/one_half]

Happy Holidays from SOVA!

Happy Holidays from SOVA! 150 150 Sova, Inc.

Wishing you health and happiness this Holiday Season and prosperity in the New Year.

– The SOVA Team –

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Christmas Holiday Hours:

Closing at 12:00 PM EST – Tuesday, December 24th, 2013
Closed – Wednesday, December 25th, 2013.
Regular business hours – Thursday, December 26th, 2013

New Years Holiday Hours:

Closing at 12:00 PM EST – Tuesday, December 31st, 2013
Closed – Wednesday, January 1st, 2014
Regular business hours – Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

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Due to limited staff during the Holidays, please make sure to utilize the SOVA general email boxes for any quote requests, orders, questions, etc.

Pricing, quotes and
Product and promotion
Order Status
AgentView questions/

Verizon awards SOVA in 3rd Quarter

Verizon awards SOVA in 3rd Quarter 150 150 Sova, Inc.

SOVA Awarded Highest Level of Sales from Verizon Medium Business for 3rd Quarter

In appreciation of our outstanding contribution and dedication to sales excellence, Verizon Partner Program awarded SOVA ‘Highest Overall Sales Award’ for the 3rd Quarter in 2013.

Verizon Reinvents the Enterprise Cloud

Verizon Reinvents the Enterprise Cloud 150 150 Sova, Inc.

NEW YORK – Verizon today announced Verizon Cloud – its new cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform and cloud-based object storage service. With this service, Verizon is fundamentally changing how public clouds are built. Large enterprises, mid-size companies and small development shops will get the agility and economic benefit of a generic public cloud along with the reliability and scale of an enterprise-level service with unprecedented control of performance. The public beta for Verizon Cloud will launch in the fourth quarter of this year.

“Verizon created the enterprise cloud, now we’re recreating it,” said John Stratton, president of Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “This is the revolution in cloud services that enterprises have been calling for. We took feedback from our enterprise clients across the globe and built a new cloud platform from the bottom up to deliver the attributes they require.”

Verizon Cloud has two main components: Verizon Cloud Compute and Verizon Cloud Storage. Verizon Cloud Compute is the IaaS platform. Verizon Cloud Storage is an object-based storage service.

Verizon Cloud Compute

Verizon Cloud Compute is built for speed and performance. Virtual machines (software-based computers and servers) can be created and deployed in just seconds, and users build and pay for what they need.

With Verizon Cloud Compute, users can determine and set virtual machine and network performance, providing predictable performance for mission critical applications, even during peak times. Additionally, users can configure storage performance and attach storage to multiple virtual machines. Previously, services had pre-set configurations for size (e.g. small, medium, large) and performance, with little flexibility regarding virtual machine and network performance and storage configuration. No other cloud offering provides this level of control.

In addition, while Verizon built the solution for enterprises, it is nimble enough to meet the needs of small and medium businesses, individual IT departments and software developers.
“This is a breakthrough approach to how cloud computing is done,” said Bryson Koehler, chief information officer at The Weather Company, the nation’s leading provider of weather forecasts and information. “Weather is the most dynamic dataset in the world, and we also use big data to help consumers better plan their day and help businesses make intelligent decisions as it relates to weather. As a big data leader, a major part of The Weather Company’s go-forward strategy is based on the cloud, and we are linking a large part of our technical future to these services from Verizon.”

Rob Walters, chief technology officer at Engine Yard, a Platform as a Service that lets developers plan, build, deploy and manage applications in the cloud, said: “The new Verizon Cloud will give us ease of deployment and flexibility with full enterprise capabilities, saving us time and money. We’ve had a long and successful relationship with Verizon. We’ve deployed some of our most demanding enterprise-grade applications on Verizon cloud infrastructure to deliver the high scalability and reliability required for business-critical apps running on Engine Yard.”

Verizon Cloud Storage

Verizon Cloud Storage is an object-addressable, multitenant storage platform providing safe, durable, reliable and cost-effective storage accessible from anywhere on the Web. Object storage is extra robust and Web-traffic reliable, making it ideal for cloud-based applications. Verizon Cloud Storage overcomes latency issues that have plagued many traditional storage offerings, providing improved performance.

“We are putting control and choice back in the hands of the user, while still addressing their needs for availability, performance and security,” said John Considine, chief technology officer of Verizon Terremark. “We started from scratch, building the core components we felt necessary to achieve that goal.”

Powered by Verizon

These new cloud services are backed by the deep technical and operation experience of Verizon and supported by the company’s global IP network, global data centers and managed security services. Verizon also offers a wide range of hosting, managed hosting and colocation services to meet all of an organization’s IT needs.

Companies interested in using either Verizon Cloud Compute or Verizon Cloud Storage can sign-up to be a beta customer through the Verizon Enterprise Solutions website. The sign-up and customer service experience is managed completely online.

The provisioning and deployment of virtual machines and assignment of performance levels takes just seconds. With a credit card or purchase order on file, customers pay as they go for computing and storage. They can control their use and pay for the cost of the services they are using, adjusting as needs arise.

In order to ensure personalized service for each beta customer, access to Verizon Cloud Compute and Verizon Cloud Storage will initially be limited to a few hundred new users per month. Customers awaiting their turn will be welcomed into the Verizon Cloud Insider program, which will enable them to be kept up-to-date on feature availability and other improvements as they occur.

As Verizon optimizes customer experience through the public beta program, it will provide opportunities for new clients to take advantage of Cloud Compute and Cloud Storage. The system has been designed to support millions of virtual machines in each location where Verizon implements Cloud Compute and Cloud Storage.

Companies with immediate cloud needs can use Verizon Enterprise Cloud, the IaaS offering of choice for businesses and governments needing scalable, reliable and secure cloud infrastructure. Verizon Enterprise Cloud combines the proven over time stability and performance for enterprise customers.

Verizon Cloud Compute and Verizon Cloud Storage are installed in Verizon cloud data centers in Culpeper, Va., Englewood, Colo., Miami; Santa Clara, Calif.; and in Amsterdam, London, and Sao Paolo. Initially, clients will be served out of the Culpeper data center, with other centers around the globe expected to be added through mid-2014.

About Verizon

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ), headquartered in New York, is a global leader in delivering broadband and other wireless and wireline communications services to consumer, business, government and wholesale customers. Verizon Wireless operates America’s most reliable wireless network, with more than 100 million retail connections nationwide. Verizon also provides converged communications, information and entertainment services over America’s most advanced fiber-optic network, and delivers integrated business solutions to customers in more than 150 countries. A Dow 30 company with nearly $116 billion in 2012 revenues, Verizon employs a diverse workforce of 180,900. For more information, visit

Esopi named chair of Verizon’s Partner Advisory Council

Esopi named chair of Verizon’s Partner Advisory Council 150 150 Sova, Inc.

Insights Gained from Council Members to Drive Innovation, New Initiatives for Verizon Partner Program

by Janet Brumfield

WALTHAM, Mass. – From Verizon’s Innovation Center, the company announced today (Sept. 17) that it is expanding the Verizon Partner Program to include a Partner Advisory Council.

According to Verizon Enterprise Solutions Vice President of Channel and Medium Business Janet Schijns, the council was formed to further empower the company to meet the growing demand for cloud, advanced mobility, strategic communications and intelligent networking solutions for medium business.

“The partner channel is critically important to our customers and Verizon,” Schijns stated. “By adding a partner advisory council we are taking our Verizon Partner Program to the next level. Our council will represent the voice of our channel partner program members and ensure we innovate in our channel and with our go-to-market approach.”

The newly appointed Partner Advisory Council consists of the following members, who will serve for a one-year term with key advisors such as the chair and co-chair, serving a two-year term:

  • E. Gene Esopi (chair), president SOVA
  • Kevin Thigpen (co-chair), executive vice president of Sales, ActSoft
  • Darryl Senese (executive advisor), vice president of Carrier Services, Atrion
  • Mike Shonholz (executive advisor), director of Sales, CDW
  • Gina Pigott (advisor), chief executive officer, Teledomani
  • Garry Hopkins (advisor), president, National Comnet Services
  • Ken Mercer (advisor), vice president of sales, Telecom Brokerage
  • Dan Marsh (advisor), managing director, Portfolio Communications
  • Adnon Dow (advisor), vice president, Synnex
  • Colin Willer (advisor), channel development manager, NetMotion Wireless
  • Alan Dabbiere (advisor), chairman of Air Watch
  • Mike Armstrong (advisor), vice president of Sales Engineering of Global Communications Group

According to Gene Esopi, SOVA president who will serve as Chair to the council, “Verizon has one of the strongest partner programs in the industry. With the new council in place, channel partner program members will now have a strong voice for providing feedback to Verizon so that the program successfully meets the needs and requirements of its members as well as enhances Verizon’s ability to innovate. This further sets Verizon apart from its competition in a very positive way.”

Launched in early March, the Verizon Partner Program offers tailored opportunities for systems integrators, value added resellers, agents, value added distributors, managed service providers, and solutions providers to accelerate delivery and adoption of solutions for meeting medium business requirements.

In addition, members of the Verizon Partner Program can utilize our leading partner relationship management portal powered by to collaborate with Verizon teams to manage deal registrations, joint go-to-market opportunities and marketing development funds.

SOVA Announces Organizational Changes

SOVA Announces Organizational Changes 150 150 Sova, Inc.

Effective 10/1/13, Felicia Dane has assumed the position of Marketing and Data Manager.  Felicia’s responsibilities include assisting in the development and implementation of marketing strategy, managing social media and web content, and lead management.

Trisha Vaughan will assume management responsibility for order implementation and tracking for all SOVA Carriers.

Tips for a smooth order process:

  • Please send all orders to When your order is submitted we will advise the name of the implementation specialist assigned to your order.
  • If you have any questions related to your order, just contact the assigned implementation specialist directly… or, send an email inquiry to
  • Finally, order escalations can be addressed to either Trisha Vaughan or Mary Trainor by emailing

If you have any questions please let us know.

SOVA Contacts 10-2013

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