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Internet of Things:
Smarter machines equal smarter business.

New connections between machines are enabling new business opportunities-and new ways to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. How can your business benefit?

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Fleet insight equals fleet efficiency.

When you connect your fleet, you gain access to a wealth of data that helps you better oversee assets, safeguard shipments, monitor conditions, and improve decision-making throughout your supply chain.

You can:

  • Analyze and improve personnel and vehicle performance.
  • Control costs with proper maintenance, planning, and risk reduction.
  • Increase revenue opportunities by retaining satisfied customers.

Machine to Machine Management Center

Make M2M management simple-and strategic.

As a business network grows, so does the complexity of managing the equipment and devices on it.

Verizon Machine to Machine Management Center takes the complexity out of managing an effective M2M strategy with:

  • A dashboard for greater control over operations to track performance and enhance services.
  • On-demand reports to show trend data, usage statistics, and other key performance indicators.
  • A self-service portal to simplify device management and network connections and enhance efficiency.
  • Powerful APIs to enable integration with back-office systems and custom applications.

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