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All silver linings. No limits.

Cloud means scalability, agility, and efficiency. Plus top-tier, reliable performance.

With cloud solutions there are no boundaries to how you can help your business thrive.

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Verizon Enterprise Cloud

The resources you need, when you need them.

Provide computing resources across your enterprise precisely when and where they’re needed with Verizon Enterprise Cloud services.

Using Verizon computing services, network access, and secure data centers, we can help you create an ideal cloud-hosting solution for specific business functions.

  • Quickly add and allocate cloud-computing resources as your enterprise requires them.
  • Help protect your enterprise from downtime and system failures.
  • Safeguard your IT resources from would-be attacks with innovative security measures and tools.

Cloud Hosting and Storage

Create a cost-effective competitive advantage.

Expand your existing systems to the cloud to improve productivity, speed time to market, and enhance service levels.

  • Control costs while growing your business and seizing innovation.
  • Empower your workforce with easier access to critical information and applications.
  • Simplify operations to improve performance and reduce management headaches.

Verizon Cloud Compute

Centralize your cloud computing services.

Gain control over your cloud network, storage, and computing data center functions-all from a single portal.

Verizon Cloud Storage

Access critical data from anywhere.

Verizon Cloud Storage delivers a secure and easy way to store, access, and protect your data via Verizon’s high-speed global network. Two storage options are available -locally redundant or geographically redundant-to maintain the availability of your data when you need it most.

Colocation Services and Hosting

Gain flexibility, control costs, and reduce headaches.

Give your business the scalability it requires using a dedicated IT hardware environment featuring colocation services and hosting.

We can build a customized solution for your business, and then host it in a state-of-the-art Verizon facility. As your business grows, you can easily add more servers, storage, and other IT resources.

Backup and Restore

Protect what matters most.

Is your data protected against catastrophe? Our secure data backup and restore service, available online and off-site, can help ensure the availability of your data, even when disaster strikes.

  • Reduce data backup failure rates and ensure accurate archiving.
  • Secure your data on-site before transmitting to storage.
  • Support a variety of operating systems and platforms.
  • Enable multiple layers of data redundancy.

eDiscovery and Archiving

Be prepared and be compliant.

Fine tune your data archiving best practices to help your organization easily and comprehensively discover crucial evidence in the event of a lawsuit.

Virtualized Disaster Recovery

Enable enterprise-grade continuity.

Keep your IT resources readily available with cloud-based replication and disaster recovery services using on-demand networking.

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