SOVA earns 2014 Verizon Partner Program Award

We recently received a new addition to our Awards Wall:


The Verizon Partner Program Highest Overall Total Bookings for 2nd Quarter of 2014.

To our staff […]

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Watch the latest Verizon Speedmatch Commercial!

(Then contact for pricing!)




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Verizon Enterprise Accounts Now Open for Business!

Verizon Enterprise Solutions announced that, as promised, it is giving Verizon Partners Program(VPP) members in the U.S. access to previously protected enterprise accounts.

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Great price reduction! New quotes, Re-quotes…

New High Bandwidth Internet Dedicated Pricing!

Pricing decrease from 22% to 51% based on location!

Effective July 1, 2014: Verizon has introduced new competitive pricing […]

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How Secure is your Organization?

Data security should matter to you, no matter what your role in your organization. Why? Because when you suffer a breach of any kind […]

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SOVA is Verizon Platinum!

SOVA, Inc. Earns Verizon Partner Program Platinum Level
SOVA offers Verizon Voice and Data Services, Managed Internet, Mobility, Cloud, Network, VoIP and Ethernet solutions to […]

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Verizon Reinvents the Enterprise Cloud

NEW YORK – Verizon today announced Verizon Cloud – its new cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform and cloud-based object storage service. With […]

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