E. Gene Esopi – President

E. Gene Esopi is co-founder and President of SOVA, Inc. Gene has 25 years telecommunications experience and an extensive background in finance and marketing. He currently chairs the Verizon Partner Advisory Council. Prior to SOVA, Gene served as President of New Markets Group, Inc., an import/export company that operated in 7 countries in Europe and South America. He currently serves as President of EVAL, Inc., a real estate investment company and is managing member of SOVA West – a call center dedicated to sales of telecommunications services. Gene holds a BS in Finance from The Pennsylvania State University. He serves as a board member on the Adult Autistic Advisory Board of the JCA of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

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Mary A. Trainor – Vice President

Mary A. Trainor is co-founder and Vice President of SOVA, Inc.. Mary has 33 years of telecommunications management experience related to business development, sales and marketing functions. She is also a managing member of SOVA West, an Inside Sales Center dedicated to sales of telecommunications services. Mary holds a BS in Psychology from Wilkes University and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from The University of Scranton. She serves as a Board Member for the Colleen Shea Children’s Foundation and the Greater Wilkes-Barre Association for the Blind.

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Angela Welby – Director of Corporate Communications

Angela Welby is SOVA’s Director of Corporate Communications. Angela is responsible for managing internal and external communications throughout the organization. She creates and disseminates email campaigns, company newsletters, press releases and internal communications. Angela maintains the company website and social media platforms, and assists in planning and coordinating SOVA’s presence at industry events. In addition, she plays an integral role in the on-boarding process, managing agreement documents for new and existing agents. Angela is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Advertising. She has been an employee of SOVA since 2003.

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Lisa Hoskins – Director of Sales Support

Lisa Hoskins is SOVA’s Director of Sales Support. Lisa and her team are responsible for quote generation, and providing product and promotional information. She has extensive knowledge of Verizon services and has assisted in the configuration of many complex networks for clients. Lisa has over 17 years experience working in the Telecommunications industry. Prior to SOVA, she worked at Cavalier Telephone, and ABA Communications. Lisa has been an employee of SOVA, Inc. since 2002.

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Trisha Vaughan – Director of Order Implementation

Trisha Vaughan is SOVA’s Director of Order Implementation. Trisha and her team support SOVA’s multiple sales channels. They are responsible for order entry and tracking, training on Carrier systems, billing error resolution, and general support to the Agent community. Trisha holds a BA in Psychology from King’s College and a Masters Degree in Organizational Management from Misericordia University. Trisha has been an employee of SOVA, Inc. since 2009.

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Bridget O'Malley

Bridget O’Malley – Wireless/Mobility Manager

Bridget O’Malley is SOVA’s Wireless/Mobility Manager. Bridget is responsible for quote generation as well as providing product and promotional information on the Wireless side. She has extensive knowledge of Verizon products and systems, having worked in SOVA’s Order Implementation department prior to being promoted to her Wireless/Mobility role. Bridget holds a BS in Business Administration from Keystone College.  She has worked with SOVA, Inc. since 2013.

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Chad Foos

Chad Foos – IT Security Engineer

Chad Foos is SOVA’s IT Security Engineer. Chad brings a powerful understanding of technology and the implementation of network security to SOVA. He has been involved with various security companies, including 3G International (acquired by RSA Security), and Technology Industries which supports mission critical applications for the Department of Defense.  Chad has played a role in developing proprietary technology that is currently integrated with government employees Smartcard’s at numerous U.S. Defense installations. Chad has been a SOVA employee since 2016.

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Sandie Osterhus

Sandie Osterhus – Director of Sales

Sandie Osterhus is SOVA’s Director of Sales. Sandie is currently spearheading SOVA’s Verizon One Talk support program. She is dedicated to the strategic planning and execution of all sales operations, along with providing continuous improvement of the customer experience. Prior to joining SOVA, Sandie ran a Verizon focused call center for 8 years.


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Michael Dremock – Controller

Michael Dremock serves as SOVA’s Controller. Mike’s team of compensation analysts manage all aspects of commission tracking and payments. Mike has developed and implemented SOVA’s FastTrack commission payment program. The FastTrack program allows SOVA to make a preliminary commission payment to larger agents and telesales call centers within three days of when SOVA receives monies from a carrier. The FastTrack payment is followed by a detailed commission report and final commission payment on the 15th of each month. Prior to SOVA, Mike served as a Business Analyst at Garland Commercial Industries and also Credit Manager for Time Warner Adcast. Mike holds a degree in Accounting and has been an employee of SOVA, Inc. since 2008.

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Felicia Dane – Director of IT

Felicia Dane is our Director of IT. Felicia’s responsibilities include the management of internal sales tracking systems, including SQL and Microsoft Access databases. She is responsible for computer and network setup and maintenance as well as any systems troubleshooting. Felicia also manages, manipulates, distributes and analyzes lead data for assigned projects and monitor back-end operations of call-center CRM systems. Graduating cum laude with Bachelor Degrees in Accounting and Business Administration, Felicia has been an employee of SOVA, Inc. since 2006.

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